Gambling addiction is a complex condition that, if not recognized and treated, can lead to extremely serious and destructive consequences in a person’s life. This problem may be associated with other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Play Smart

1xBet puts a lot of effort into maintaining responsible gaming principles. Players are advised to be vigilant and pay attention to possible signs of trouble to prevent a minor problem from developing into a severe addiction.

Mindful gambling includes the ability to recognize the risks of developing an addiction. Specialized tests can be used for self-analysis.


  1. Are funds being spent thoughtlessly and beyond control?
  2. Did they borrow or steal funds to gamble?
  3. Do they become aggressive or wary when their gaming habits are discussed?
  4. Is their time with family and friends being put on the back burner by their betting obsession?
  5. Did they hide their gambling habits or their losses?

If the answer to three or more questions is ‘yes’, this may indicate a possible problem.

Where to Get Support

1xBet wants users to spend time on the platform comfortably and with pleasure. For those who feel out of control, there are various places to get help.

On the 1xBet website, players have the opportunity to independently limit their access to bets, ranging from 24 hours to 6 months or longer.

Additional resources to help combat gambling addiction include:

  • Cyber Patrol
  • GamCare
  • Gambling Awareness
  • Anonymous Players